Course Image Knowledge of environmental factors

Knowledge of environmental factors

Estimated duration : 9h30

Knowledge of environmental factors consists of four activities. Each activity includes a text to read, followed by a test comprising a few simple questions to measure your mastery of the subject. At the end of this section, a summary test will be offered to you. Its results will determine your access to the certification test.

Before discussing how cultural practices can negatively or positively affect the environment, we need to address all the factors that can affect plant life and growth. This section provides general information on the biotic and abiotic factors that influence plant growth and reproduction, including the influence of light, temperature, humidity and atmospheric composition (a particularly important factor in the context of changing greenhouse gas concentrations). The section includes all the elements necessary to understand how plants, soil, the atmosphere and the entire biocenosis  work and interact.

You will also discover the major cycles (water, carbon and nitrogen cycles) and the characteristics of the environmental compartments: soil, water and air. You will gain a better understanding of the concept of biodiversity and the services it provides, and the importance and role of habitats, and you will discover the interactions that exist between living things that inhabit the same agroecosystem.