How is my coursework organised?

Each training course is composed of two or three successive levels (introduction, intermediate, advanced). Each course includes different educational activities:

  • modules (course contents) which are linked to training objectives,
  • mini quizzes,
  • a qualifying test.

You will therefore have to establish efficient study methods before you start your training, in order to be as organised and successful as possible, bearing in mind that there will be a final qualifying test to reward your efforts.  The content of the different training modules is very dense, so you will have to acquire excellent knowledge of the various concepts and theories broached in the course if you want to pass the qualifying test.

What is the best method for studying online?

In order to help you to be efficient in your approach and to organise your training in the best possible way, we suggest that you use the following methodology:

    1. Select a training module.

    2. Become acquainted with the objectives of the module (you will be tested on your achievement of these objectives at the end of the course).

    3. Read through the module carefully, taking notes as you read, and compile a list of keywords or key phrases. Check your knowledge of the terms you have noted and add to it if necessary by researching these terms (for example, on the Internet). This way, you can create your own glossary of the most complicated terms. You can also print sections of the course that you find difficult to understand or remember, and you can copy charts, pictures and pictograms, etc. You can also consult the COLEAD training manuals if you have them, as they address the topics taught in the module.

    4. When you have finished the module, check that you are capable of meeting the module objectives (ask yourself questions on each of the points discussed, for example, to see if you are capable of answering them). If not, go back to the module again. If you think that your knowledge of the module is good enough, tick the box opposite the title of the module to confirm that you have finished reading it.

    5. Test your knowledge by taking the mini quiz for the module you have just studied.

      • If you make any mistakes, read the corrections (you can note the questions that you were unable to answer, in order to study those points again when you re-read the module).
      • If your results are below the pass mark, go back to the module again to revise those weak points, and take the mini quiz again as soon you feel ready.

      • If you pass the quiz, you can start on the next module.

    6. When you have finished all of the modules and tested your knowledge using the mini quizzes, you can take the final qualifying test, with a view to obtaining your certificate. The qualifying test will cover all of the modules in the course you have chosen.

    7. If you pass the test, your certificate for that course will be available immediately, with the grades you obtained, and you will see the registration key for the next level.

Last modified: Monday, 4 September 2023, 11:34 AM