Claims Handling

Claims Handling

by Mohamud Haji Osman Mayow -
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I am Mr. Mohamud Haji Osman Mayow from Somalia representing this workshop  helding COLEACP in online platforms  for Cooperatives producing Agriculture and Horticulture also aquaculture  in Somalia  mainly National Association for Agriculture Cooperatives in Somalia NAAC-SOM for production

GABYOW Agriculture Products Trading Company GAPTCo  for Marketing 

Forum for Capacity Building Development F.C.B.D  for farmers skill promotion 

I appreciate  Alex Risa , David Sodade and Roland Mollimu Okello  for current Training on Claims Handling  also appreciate the participants or trainees in all groups.

Though I am not team member I would like to be a member Manish' s group and any other person interested my beer in this platform.